• Jikiden Reiki® Shoden (Level 1)

  • History of Reiki

    The History of Jikiden Reiki - Life of Mr. Usui & Origin of Reiki

    Gokai - The Five Principles

    The concept of Byosen

    First Aid Shirushi (symbol)

    Learn and practice Ketsueki Koukan(Blood circulation technique)

    Reiki Mawashi


    Reiki practice/group treatment/self-treatment



    *You will receive ENGLISH certificate & JAPANESE certificate(from Kyoto, Japan)


    Investment : $350 (includes manual, certificate & registration) plus snacks/tea

    *by cash, check or Venmo

    ($50 non refundable deposit for registration)

    Reviewing fee: $150


    Registration (Email to): hypnoheartnyc@gmail.com